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Cara Delevingne Free’s the Nipple By Not Freeing the Nipple of the Day

Cara Delevingne decided to not take the actual plunge into getting her instagram deleted by freeing her nipple, an offence that Instagram doesn’t take lightly, because they don’t believe that free nipples belong on instagram. It is a publicly traded company and they have guidelines they must respect.

Even though a lot of great photos include nipples…

But it works, showing us how crazy it is that dudes are uncensored and girls need to be censored, by making me want to see her nipple, but unable to see her nipple, because society is fucked.

Priorities and initiatives in this Christian controlled conservative world, where they decided a nipple is porn, even though it’s just a fucking nipple.

I made a decision many years ago, that posting nipple, being uncensored, was just real and authentic. I sacrificed having a successful fight by freeing the nipple before it was a thing, so I’m glad to see the world coming together for this #freethenipple movement, cuz I’ve been for a long time and freeing the nipple has actually fucked me over, but I still stuck to it, because I truly feel nipple should be free.

From breast feeding, to tanning, to walking down the street. We’re past decency, people are fucking pigs, and censoring nipples is the least of our worries in this doomed society…

So girls…#freethenipple.

Here’s Cara Delevingne’s Chanel campaign…

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