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Selena Gomez Nip Slip on Instagram of the Day

Either these Springbreaker pop tarts are on the same mission, competing with their tits, or in Selena Gomez’s case, new fake tits, to get attention on the same day…you know girls who pretend to be friends are always catty….


And today…Selena Gomez nipple was posted to instagram…in what I can assume was a retaliation to a text she got from Benson last night saying “the paparazzi got topless pics of me, what do I do”…

Because the reality is that Selena Gomez is the one who hired Ashley Benson for Springbreakers and is in turn kind of her boss…so as her boss, she’s gotta to take the higher road and be like “I can’t let bitch get all the glory today, I need to bring out my nipple to compete and show her I’m Selena Gomez, I own everyone”…claim my stake…

But it’s possible that Selena just has no control over her nipple now that she’s got implants…

It’s like she’s got no feeling and the swelling hasn’t gone down on the fuckers…nipples everywhere..

Now that I am looking at it – all the girls look the same – so I don’t even know if the nipple is Selena’s or her friends…I have facial recognition blindness.

I just know, there’s nipple and this is what rappers call THIRST TRAPPING LOWKEY….

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  • aweij

    who cares now

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Thats a nipple? Looks like she dropped a raisin on her tit.

  • mirsterpooppants

    Would you really want something that had bieber dick in it?

  • lol

    Then I guess it’s fair game.
    Cause, you know…
    He gay, so he no be up in that.