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Cameron Diaz in Instyle UK Magazine of the Day

Cameron Diaz must be promoting a new movie, because she’s come out of whatever hole her old, tired, face that has seen a lot cock, cum and cocaine over the last 2 decades she’s been hiding in, and is in paparazzi pics, bikini pics, and now magazine pics…It can’t be for nothing..there must be a movie coming out…where she plays herself, or the exact same person she always played, because she is the master of proving that you don’t need to go to Julliard, or travel with some theatre group, because of your passion for the art form..you can just suck a couple dicks, cast a movie, get paid a lot and say “shit this is easy”….which I guess is her hustle, a hustle she’s done so well…and I am much more into watching the aging process beat away at her and her sex appeal than watch any of the garbage she is in.

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