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Christy Mack for INKED MAG Of the Day

Christy Mack is a hugely popular porn star who blocked me on Social media very early on in her career…

It probably had something to do with me making fun of her for being a pornstar, but I only did that because I like making fun of girls who have any level of celebrity, whether it’s casting couch hustle or pornstar fucking for money hustle. It’s one of those, I feel it is warranted because they put themselves out there, get paid to leave their dignity at the door, and with all the hater, comes all the super fans who make her really matter, who I guess she prefers to focus on…understandably…I’d block me too….I’m a brat.

That said, I’ve never seen her porn, apparently she’s one of the dirtiest fucks around. I don’t really dig that whole tattoo, inked up girl movement, but it is huge and people are all about it…so I get it.

I have seen her in person 2-3 times, I didn’t even realize she was Christy Mack, because let’s just say she looks a lot better in pictures…but I probably wouldn’t tell her UFC fighter boyfriend that…because people who know how to kill people with their fists are the kind of people you try not to dis their porno wife…..

Either way, my friends at INKED MAGAZINE did this great shoot with her….and these are the pics of her looking hot as fuck…if you’re into this tattooed girl thing…and you probably are…because it seems like everyone is…It’s so dark..

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  • corysix6

    War Machine isn’t in the UFC he is in Bellator

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