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Genevieve Morton Nipples of the Day

Genevieve Morton is one of those fat overrated models who should never have been in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, but for some reason, she managed to scam her way in.

She’s not hot, she’s dumpy as fuck, and I guess that her level of low level fame proves that Sports Illustrated Swimsuit can only make one fat blonde model famous at a time.

I’ve heard she’s moved to LA, that she’s trying to get in movies, and I guess she’s broken down enough, laying in bed crying about how Kate Upton beat her at her own game, and now is vindictive and on the attack…and attack she takes seriously…because she’s finally showing nipples, getting naked, never too late, even when it’s too late to hooker.

I like to think this rivalry would have been better won in a food eating contest…but maybe I am just too logical a thinker for these fat girls who think they are hot…

What I am not against is nipples…

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  • Shannon

    If you think she is fat, you have some SERIOUS issues.

  • Ralfie

    Duuuude, I would give up half my lifespan to get with her. GODDAMN.

  • Dickens

    you are one dumb fucking shit. get off the interest you fucktard.

  • harrk

    you’re an asshole. She’s fine as fuck, and to repeat – you’re an asshole.

  • JCWolfe

    Come on….seriously, there is no way you really think this girl is fat!? In the top picture you can see her ribs, so she could actuall use a few pounds…Fat!?….that’s crazy talk!…