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Amanda Seyfried’s Hot Face of the Day

Mert & Marcus are the photographers who shot Amanda Seyfried for something too fancy for me called Cle de Peau …..I am assuming it is make-up, but I don’t really give a fuck. What I am interested in, is how fucking amazing they made this girls face look. I mean if she was actually this pretty, I wonder why it doesn’t translate in anything that she does…it’s like she’s got no self esteem, despite her millions…or maybe she has too much self esteem…I don’t know what being an unshowered, unkept, lazy bitch for the paparazzi means..It’s either “I’m so hot, I don’t need to get made up…or I hate myself and I’m a slob”…and based on the fact that she fucks Justin Long…when she could fuck anyone…even if he’s a dot com billionaire thanks to being paid in Apple stock for being the Mac Guy…she can fuck anyone who isn’t Justin Long…making me think…he’s more of a hate herself than love herself too much to bother…

Either, she looks like this..and I love it…and I can’t even see her big tits on her little frame…so that means she’s pretty fucking good, because I love big tits on a small frame and have liked monsters because of it, but this face could have no tits, it could be in a box in my basement, and I’d still want to stare at it…but maybe that’s because I have other decapitation issues to deal with….

Either way, good face.

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  • Chris

    You like that photoshop glow, huh?