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Sam Jones Talks Vagina Chart on the Streets with Russell Simmons and Other Pervs of the Day

A lot of people have the wrong idea about me. Mainly feminists. They think I am the root of all evil and that I hate women, sure I make fun of vapid girls who exploit themselves, but encourage, support, offer advice, and I am friends with regular girls who aren’t these attention seekers on a quest to be a hot model, or actress or whatever it is all these idiots I write about do..

The truth is, I actually love women…real women, inspiring women, entrepreneurial and hard working women, good mothers and fucking leaders and anyone who puts a little effort into doing good and making a difference beyond stripping down for a camera for some money before fucking a rich guy for security…

The women I mock on the site, are the Feminist enemy, not the guy who mocked them…so in a lot of ways, I am a feminist too, I just go about it from a way better angle…

So in loving everything about women…I am all about their vaginas…Some guys like ass, some like tits, some like asshole, some like legs, some like blondes, some like Black girls…I like vagina…all vagina…

So a year ago I put out THIS VAGINA SHIRT ….partially as a gag for dudes to ask girls in bars what their number was…leading to sex and love…so that I could be like Match.com and celebrate all the marriages the site is responsible for….

But it turns out, girls actually liked THIS VAGINA SHIRT because it was empowering that pictures of vaginas they don’t normally see in porn were being celebrated…

It was like “you don’t need an inny to have a pussy or to sit on my face” kind of thing…you don’t need to have labia reduction to celebrate your pussy, embrace your pussy, and if you don’t want to, let me embrace it…with my mouth…

My good friend, Sam Jones, liked the message of THIS VAGINA SHIRT and took to the streets of New York to ask people about vagina, all while celebrating her vagina…and I’m really happy to be part of something so fucking relevant, amazing, inspiring, all based on the one thing I like…pussy.


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  • Phillip McCracken

    I feel ripped off. I thought this was gonna be flash gordon….. #madcheated

  • ThatConservativeYouHate

    Is this really a problem? The only guys I’ve ever heard that have a problem with large inner labia are stupid frat boys or men who’ve never seen a real one up close.

    I prefer a vagina with some pussynality. Gives you something to play with when you’re going down. That being said, if the labia minora are hanging down like five inches and look like an Arby’s sandwich I don’t find it as attractive, but I’m not going to shame a girl over it.

  • datastronaut

    Why the fuck do you need to link shit multiple times in a post now?