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Cameron Diaz’s Bikini Ass on a Yacht of the Day

It is funny how people are so emotional about celebrities they jerk off to. I call Cameron Diaz, who I assume is over 40, a menopausal looking box, unable to have children, possibly from being too old, maybe from all the drugs, or maybe front he herpes and or other STDs that have ravaged her lady parts…not that I care if she’s a slut or not – I mean based her talent alone, she’d have to be…

The truth is, I find it offensive that she’s still cast as the love interest or the hot girl in a movie, when so many hotter girls who actually have talent can do a better job and more importantly, will make me want to have sex with them, while this one…I don’t even want to look at..

Her ass – sloppy – because that’s what happens when you get old. You can run as hard as you can, and squat as much as you can, but eventually, you start to fucking melt…I think that’s what Frosty the Snowman story is all about….Cameron Diaz…you see that’s a part bitch should be playing…

I guess seeing her climb her yacht ladder as her Good Charlotte boyfriend stares at her ass, remembering the good times with Paris Hilton’s ass…because clearly he has very very very good taste…if you think no control of an asshole and herpes puss is palatable..

Either way…Cameron Diaz is a monster. Send me hate mail. It makes me think at least one of you reads this nonsense, even though I know as well as you know, that Cameron Diaz’s ass in a bikini, climbing a ladder of a yacht, really doesn’t matter…..


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