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Destiny Sierra Half Naked for Fashion of the Day

Destiny Sierra is a busty as fuck instagram model who was recently shot – not nearly topless enough for those awesome tits – by some asshole.

What they have done is pretty clever, they have positioned themselves as a cool, trendy, interesting place for people to submit their fashion shoots that aren’t necessarily shot for any purpose but to shoot – now that instagram is a real deal issue and people feel the need to produce content for it – and not just selfies and fun stuff with your cellphone like it was designed for – but rather full fledged fashion shoots like you’re Cindy Fucking Crawford…with a photographer – you need a venue to publish them – otherwise you have to admit it’s just for instagram…which in and of itself is kind of desperate – but with a cool collective that uses it for their site – shit is dope.

I am not hating, I am a fan of anything that brings me nude and half nude pics of models who aren’t too famous to reach other to – but who are too uptight to become #stepGIRLS…

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