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Ashley Tisdale Hot Photoshoots for Bello of the Day

It turns out that Ashley Tisdale – a girl who I used to run a little campaign that no one noticed called “The Ashley Tisdale Ugly Watch”…which stemmed from me seeing her win some MTV award for being the “hottest bitch” of the year…even though I know all those awards, like everything in Hollywood, is some vapid bullshit designed and created by vapid idiots, who get paid off by the studios who want to create more buzz around projects they are working on, without realizing that Ashely Tisdale had no real future career, and they they probably should have given the award to someone who didn’t have a mangled face even after a nose job.

I took it upon myself to debunk the title of “hottest bitch” according to MTV by showing how she wasn’t hot at all, but how other girls were hot…and it went unnoticed…I fought the fight in vain…but here we are a bunch of years later and she’s doing a compaign like she was a model. Probably from a friend who pities her, because she had it all, and her co-stars surpassed her…

Or maybe I am just not up to date on Ashley Tisdale news, maybe she’s up for an Oscar for doing great things with her “craft”…her “talent”….”acting”…which in case you didn’t know is a fucking joke of a talent – but actors won’t tell you that..

I could cross-reference her IMDB, but I prefer moving onto the next trick. Something I am sure all her ex-lovers can agree with.

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