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Amy Adams for Love Magazine of the Day

Amy Adams is in the recent issue of LOVE MAGAZINE that shared a cover with Kendall Jenner, which is probably depressing for an Academy Award nominated actress I’ve never really heard of, but people seem to dig, even though I think she looks like shit, but maybe that’s jus the nature of this photoshoot, you know a little grimy, that’s the look they are going for, because she’s an actress and actresses can take on any role…or maybe she’s just not that hot…

The point is that it has that voyeuristic, creepy American Apparel vibe…that makes you feel like you’re with a bunch of silly girls acting silly thanks to the drugs…playful and posing like a bunch of crackheads…and for some reason that is far more erotic than something glam and pristine. I like dirty and run down…it’s all I know….thanks to sex with discounted women…something we all know Amy Adams isn’t but plays up nicely when in fashion magazines. That’s why she gets paid the big bucks.

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