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Emmy Rossum Bikini Selfie of the Day

Emmy Rossum has been naked so many times on TV, that I really don’t think her bikini selfies matter.

She’s up on the – “we’ve seen you simulate sex enough to know that you love your body and think you’re worth more than you are, since you get paid well and you are living the dream you always had as a young girl in a single mother household that taught you the right way to whore yourself to the top of the food chain, or at least as close as you can get, with the little talent you have”…kind of thing…

Or maybe I am just hard on her because I want to see her in self produced sex tapes, after seeing her in simulated sex.

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  • jmix

    Not her best pic,however,she is really good in Shameless

  • Bob Price

    I agree that tame bikini shots like this are rendered somewhat superfluous when the actress in question has already appeared in far sexier and much more revealing nude scenes. However, I cringe when I read bloggers mocking, ribbing, or criticizing them for having done so. Let’s ENCOURAGE them, okay?

  • She actually is talented. She has a lovely singing voice, and I love her in Shameless.

  • Nice bra