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Britney Spears in Panties for Instagram of the Day

Britney Spears posted this picture of a picture of her in panties to showcase all the hard work she’s put into hiking after the public made fun of her for gaining 30 pounds in Vegas despite having a show….

Her handlers got on that as fast as they could and with owning her they decided it was time for her to shape up and since she doesn’t have a mind of her own…that’s exactly what she did…or at lest wants you to think she did…since I don’t ever trust any pictures…we get it…angles and photoshop…she’s a pro at making herself look better than her self..

But I’ll still look at panties..In fact..I’ll also sniff them

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  • LolleyGagger

    Yawn, call me when she posts a unique instagram of her asshole or pr0n of her being K Feded?

  • Rosarch

    Holy fucking photoshop Batman.

  • roscoe

    How did they staple Jessica Simpleton’s face over hers?

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Meh, I would take a whack at it.

  • uh?

    Um this doesnt even look like her. Fire the photo shopper Brit.