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Topless Girls Fighting in the Hood and Other VIdeos of the Day

Tony Stewart Hitting the 17 Year Old Who Jumped In Front Of Him – Because I Have no choice but to say – running in front of cars is not murder on a race track…

Naked girl in a Tree

Rott Saves Chihuahua from Coyote

Baby Shark Attacks!

US Postal Service Effective Delivery

Awesome German Porn Dialogue

When cops kill an unarmed Black Kid – Loot Your Local Store while people film.

Violinist Gets Arrested for Playing on the Train

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  • Phillip McCracken

    Thanks for posting the tony stewert video… that sort of thing happens all the time on race tracks, tony stewert was trying to scare him by getting close…. if he doesnt go to jail for manslaughter hes going to loses millions in what will be a civil case.