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Nicky Whelan Vintage Micro Bikini Shoot of the Day

I saw these pictures of some Australian Actress floating around the internet and they made me laugh for a few reasons.

The first reason is that they are obviously old, so they showcase a time when she was more of a bottom feeder, unable to pay her rent, willing to wear a skimpy sheer bikini to get her pay check. It is possible that she had no idea going into this job that it was going to be virtually nude pics of her, but she went along with it because she needed the money, but it doesn’t matter. They happened and that’s great.

It’s like every famous or semi-famous actor has funny skeletons in their closet, because usually they are a desperate bunch willing to do anything to get there.

That’s not to say Nickey Whelan is accomplished, she’s in her 30s and I’ve never heard of her, so to me that means she barely exists and might as well is a porn chick…so I’m missing the scandal element of these pics…it’s just to say you know any girl shooting anything like this for a couple hundred bucks is not proud of this moment…

The second reason is that I used to jerk off to the Micro Bikini site she is on, because I loved the amateur women who sent in pics of themselves in the see through bikinis…it was porn to me in an era when there was porn available to me…I just chose this instead…I think I may have to revisit that.

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  • mick

    Please come home Nicky. I am ready for you.