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Nicky Whelan Fucked by Denzel Washington in House of Lies of the Day


I used to have this racist joke where I would tell everyone that every black actor was Denzel Washington, so whenever I would reference a black actor I would say “It’s like when Denzel Washington played Bill Cosby on the Cosby Show”…or “Did you see Denzel playing Chris Rock, what a joker”…and it would offend every white person I would say it to..

It wasn’t an all black people look the same, even though someone told me that all races think everyone of the other race look the same, it’s just the white people who get the hate for it…

It was more a commentary that Hollywood chooses one black person to play the token black character so that the can’t be called racist…I’ve heard on set they call them “the black panther”…or something equally racist…

But obviously, I’m always the bad guy…even though Don Cheadle is the one banging the fuck out of this white girl on House of Lies…winning the award for inter racial sex of the day..

Nicky Whelan is an Australian who I think did her best work for this PRE FAMOUS MICRO BIKINI SHOOT …but in the early 2000s, I used to jerk off to micro bikini shoots so it speaks to my soul…black on blonde fetishes hasn’t really happened yet, seeing as I don’t have a blonde wife I want to see destroyed by huge cock…but every blonde girl I know…LOVES this man dingo fetish shit…take it in.

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Nicky Whelan’s Waist to Hip Ratio of the DAy


I don’t know who Nicky Whelan…but that’s one flat stomach…

I just googled her, she’s some Australian, in her mid 30s, which is insane. She’s best known for Neighbours, which is the longest running Australian soap that Kylie Minogue and I’m sure a lot of other people came out of…and more importantly, came to…

She’s had some pretty fucking secondary…even less relevant than secondary characters…we’re talking an extra in a Hollywood movie…

But she also has a great fucking stomach…and that level of fit at 34, probably because she’s Australian and Australians are babes…is enough for me..to encourage you all to stop eating.

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Nicky Whelan for Esquire Mexico of the Day

Here name is Nicky Whelan, and I guess she’s some Australian actor in her 40s who was on their longest running show/ Soap Opera called Neighbours, before leveraging it to American TV, where she now resides on a show called Franklin & Bash on TNT, who don’t advertise on this site because they are assholes, but who do cast girls who look like porn chicks, instead of rejecting them and forcing them into porn, where I would rather see them…

I guess being half naked in obscure Market Esquire is a big deal for a stripper, I mean I don’t know many strippers who have made it into any Esquire…I means sure she’s not an actual stripper, she’s from TV, but its’ one of those fine line situations…and I feel she’s’ on the wrong side of said line…

She was once one of the bootleg low level trying to pay her rent models for a MICROBIKINI PORN SITE

Look at her now…

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Nicky Whelan Vintage Micro Bikini Shoot of the Day

I saw these pictures of some Australian Actress floating around the internet and they made me laugh for a few reasons.

The first reason is that they are obviously old, so they showcase a time when she was more of a bottom feeder, unable to pay her rent, willing to wear a skimpy sheer bikini to get her pay check. It is possible that she had no idea going into this job that it was going to be virtually nude pics of her, but she went along with it because she needed the money, but it doesn’t matter. They happened and that’s great.

It’s like every famous or semi-famous actor has funny skeletons in their closet, because usually they are a desperate bunch willing to do anything to get there.

That’s not to say Nickey Whelan is accomplished, she’s in her 30s and I’ve never heard of her, so to me that means she barely exists and might as well is a porn chick…so I’m missing the scandal element of these pics…it’s just to say you know any girl shooting anything like this for a couple hundred bucks is not proud of this moment…

The second reason is that I used to jerk off to the Micro Bikini site she is on, because I loved the amateur women who sent in pics of themselves in the see through bikinis…it was porn to me in an era when there was porn available to me…I just chose this instead…I think I may have to revisit that.

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Nicky Whelan Tits in Some Movie of the Day

Some criminal used their cell phone to capture some hot blond Australian tits in some movie that is really only good for these tits but that you should see because the tits aren’t quite as good without all the build up….

This clip may get the FBI on my dick as a bootlegger or pirate or whatever, but the reality is, I just downloaded it off the internet, and I’m putting it here for Marketing purposes, you know to make their shitty movie perform better, so if anything, they should be cutting me a check for my efforts, while you stare at the titties….

The reality is that the people bootlegging are people who work at the movie theater, cuz when I saw this shit, there were two guards watching the audience with night vision goggles, not a fucking lie….

Either way, here it is while I anxiously await a take down notice, or more likely – homeland security shutting me the fuck down. But at least it helped Nicky Whelan get noticed…

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Hot Pussy at the Hall Pass Premiere of the Day

I was given tickets to the local premiere of Hall Pass. So the theater I was in didn’t have a red carpet and was filled with old ladies who won the shit on radio contests and shit…but even if I was at this premiere, the only thing that would have saved this movie would have been more of the baby sitters tits…That’s not to say I wouldn’t want to fuck the Blonde Australian …but I just can’t help but hate them for being part of what must be left over ejaculate that poored out of some Farrely brother wife’s asshole weeks after she gave him anal and was found and nurtured into the garbage that is this movie…if that makes sense……

The worst thing in all of it is that people hate being married and a hall pass could really be a revolutionary thing…and instead of showcasing that goodness, we were stuck watching two idiots fail at being men in what was probably some of the most embarrassing maybe even humilating way that wasn’t funny but just left me feeling sad….

I’m glad I saw it, I just wish people put more love into making movies that are actually good….maybe I’m just a hater…maybe this was the shittiest attempt at a movie review ever…I guess I’m no Siskel….

Here’s the Busty babysitter…

Here’s the tight bodied Australian….

Here’s Alyssa Milano’s pregnant mom tits you’d probably stay happily married to even if she’s a bitch to me on Twitter like she was Denise Richards…I love how she’s playing the pregnancy up…

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