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Rihanna Grabbing her Crotch of the Day

Rihanna posted this picture of someone who I will assume is her, grabbing her crotch, because it’s either itchy, she’s trying to be edgy, or because this is just the kind of message she wants to send kids…that it is ok to masturbate in pictures, as long as you have your panties on and you make a lot of money every year from selling your soul to the industry at a young age, to a man you met at a Barbados resort, when you were possibly, an underage hooker…rumours I’ve heard, and don’t really care about, because if they are true, she’s staying true to who she was before being worth 100s of millions…and I respect that…

Unfortunately, this is less of a sext, and more of a fashion shoot. Boring.

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  • Phillip McCracken

    shes tucking back her cock, I hear Rhianna is going to play Lois Einhorn in the remake of Ace Ventura, sans fake cock and calls… HE FOUND MR WINKY!!!!!!