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Nicola Peltz in a Bikini for Instagram of the Day

Not only is Nicola Peltz an up and coming it girl. You know a babe in a massive movie that Michael Bay packaged because he’s the ultimate in creepers…the kind of girl who realizes her fame, or at least the potential of her fame is now, so she pushes half naked pics to her social media to stay in our hearts and in our minds…you know doing things right…but it turns out that she’s also a rich kid, her dad’s a billionaire, which is probably more of the reason why she’s famous than her looks, because there are millions of hot girls out there without billions who work in diners and shit…and I can’t hate her for it, she didn’t ask to be rich, and really when it looks like this, craving attention like this, it’s screaming issues and validation I find hot in all kinds of girls from all walks of life, because we are all human….how’s that for some philosophy bullshit…set to rich kid in bikini pics…pretty good right.

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