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Genevieve Morton Wearing a Kate Upton Bra of the Day

Shots have been fired.

She’s throwing shade at Kate Upton by wearing Kate Upton’s picture on her tits like Kate Upton was her bra.

This is the fat bikini model rivalry, it’s the “you’re the below me, I wear your pig ass on me because I own you”…equivalent of shitting on a pic of the model she so wants to be, but a little more classy, because her shit, at least based on her dumpy body due to eating, would be very very very large…all that eating….

Or maybe Genevieve Morton just likes bacon…I mean she looks like she likes bacon..lots and lots and lots of bacon…or maybe she’s jumping on that whole bacon thing that was big two years ago is only happening in South Africa now, they are behind on things because they are too busy trying to hide slavery…

You know she’s studied everything Kate Upton did to be famous, and feels like it should be her, so you know…this is her attempt and winning as the big girl model in Sports Illustrated…It’s a little bit sad and a little bit entertaining…even if everything about her, even her tits, are uneventful…fat and boring…according to me and I am a professional at these things..

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  • youstraightbro

    If that body is “dumpy”, i’ll be the mayor of dumpsville