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Genevieve Morton Pretending to Workout is the Joke of the Day

I mean come on Genevieve Morton, we get that you’re trying to go famous and use social media to get there, but there are some things fat girls can’t fool us with, because of them being fat and all….like fitness.

She can polarize her career, her existence, shoot from the right angles, pretend to be famous and relevant, even cast movies from sucking producer dick, or post pics from expensive and fancy places from sucking rich dude who like model dick…..

But the one thing she can’t do is pretend to be in shape….

We get it – she was the Kate Upton who never was…but she’s totally not owning that….and pulling some other bullshit like this….

I guess in ways it is kinda funny…but not that funny…Here’s her caption, what a joker.

#fitnessfriday working out my core today ???? mainly a combination of crunches and plank if you have any tips let me know ???? #genevievemortonfitness

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  • El Guapo

    I’d kill a kitten in front of a kindergartner for a shot at that. WTF is wrong with you