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Naked Ashley Benson and Troian Bellisario of the Day

Ashley Benson and her “friend” who I guess is on the same publicity stunt train as Ashley Benson – decided to post this fully nude running pic, bare ass and all, and I love it.

More people need to be posting nudity on Instagram, especially hugely famous people like Ashley Benson, because they are paving the way for perverts like me to have stuff to masturbate to, and for exhibitionist hipster girls to post all their nude pics -because thanks to selfies – nude pics are trendy, the future, what all the influencers are doing…and non nude pics are frowned upon in the cool circles…


More and more nudity will happen and the oppressive big brothers on social media sites who are trying to control us will LOSE….

It blows my mind that people can’t post nipple pics, asshole pics, all kinds of pics on whatever the fuck they want to post them on. Censorship is so archaic.

That said, I prefer Ashley Benson, who isn’t really famous to me, but who is apparently HUGELY FAMOUS to the rest of the world, thanks to her show…when she’s photoshopped like this, because the real Ashley Benson is sloppy…which is why I am more into her topless pics…like when she was topless HERE -because that’s usually the better angle for sloppy girls…and as far as I’m concerned – it’s her best work yet…not that she actually works.

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  • Phillip McCracken

    I dont get peoples facination with Ashley Benson. I really dont.

  • jeeb

    Jesus, you need to fix your links in the texts…they never work!

  • Don’t worry, I know who the actual models in this set are. Ashley & Troian were just pwning everyone as they said.

  • mark

    well…I know I’d be down with giving all 4 holes a good sniffing.

  • joey

    where are the links you dirty spic?

  • Rosarch

    I don’t either, she is kind of pudgy and looks like a billion other blonde chicks. Nothing special at all.