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Elsa Hosk for Marie Claire Italy of the Day

Elsa Hosk is pretty much the single most important model ever…at least that’s probably what she likes to think about herself, because she’s signed with Victoria’s Secret and big brands and people want to work with her, and no model likes to think they are useless, or that modelling is dumb when thousands and thousands of dollars are being thrown at her to just stand around and let people take pics of her and praise her…I mean she probably doesn’t think she’s changed, and that she’s just like her IKEA and VOLVO working…meatball eating friends…back in Sweden…

But what do I know, Elsa Hosk doesn’t answer my calls, and even if she’s a bitching, snappy, annoying, egotistical, princess cunt…I approve and will carry her purse on set because she’s fantastic to look at – and in this horrible world…good looks are more important than good personality, because no one I’ve ever met has a good personality…so let’s stick with looks.

Again, Like all Models BETTER NAKED

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