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Keira Knightley Topless in Interview of the Day

Keira Knightley has a seriously loyal and weird fan base. I don’t know what it is with her, but she has consistently been able to lure every creepy socially awkward weirdo around by her nerdy targeted movies…and I guess these tit pics are going to take her to the next fucking level for those creepy socially awkward weirdo fans…because now they’ve seen her tits.

I’m sure she’s been topless before, but when you never had tits in your mouth, all tits, or all sizes, suddenly become exciting as fuck.

I’m not a fan, but I’ll still stare…

This is from AUGUST – but everyone is talking about how she is proud to have small tits…and well – I am proud of all tits.

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  • goodwolfe21

    Keira has an interesting attitude about nudity in regard to her own body. She once said in an interview that being topless wasn’t a big deal to her, becasue she didn’t have any boobs. She thinks her body is like that of a ten year old boy. And she has been topless in films before. On the other hand, she refuses to show her butt or bush, as that would be more significant. Curious.