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Emma Stone Has a Stupid Wonky face of the Day

I hate Emma Stone. She’s got some kind of wonky stupid face that doesn’t belong in movies, or even working the checkout at the grocery store. It’s like put this bitch in the back room, she sucks…

But for some reason, everyone cares, and I assume it is because she’s connected or rich. People find her hot and amazing, but those people are clearly misguided and just swept up into the hype that is comic book nerd.

Sites are celebrating her BOB haircut, that allows more focus on flawed face, that thanks to some scam is getting paid alot and cast a lot.

In conclusion, hollywood is a fucking scam and not hot enough girls are treated like hot enough girls…


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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    I would crawl over broken glass, covered in aids blood to smell her panties.

    The things I would do to actually inject my baby pudding in her uterus you would not want to know.

  • roscoe

    Another new low for you. You who have praised the monster faced Candice Swinepole, complain about Emma Stone?

  • Yes, yes she does. she is extremely overrated and she has a mans voice. if you hit that from behind you wouldnt know if you were dogging a man or woman, so id suggest anyone that would hit this should reassess their sexuality.

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Any fucking port in a storm, don’t be a hater.

  • Lacy

    look, asshole. everyone’s entitled to their opinion but damn. She’s an awesome actress and she is very pretty.
    How dare you say she isn’t pretty enough to be in movies! Looks aren’t everything, she’s got talent.
    Really, though, you should stop talking shit. It’s rude.

  • rodzilla

    I am glad so many people don’t care for Emma. That just means less competition for me. And you losers will never know what you are missing.

  • LookWhoIsTalking

    Why doesn’t this courageous “author” post a picture of himself.

    I bet better looking people have fallen out of my dog’s ass.

    Emma Stone wouldn’t have anything to do with you.

    I’m guessing Toothless White Trash grandmas with tits at their knees wouldn’t be seen with this “author”

    Clearly a no-talent troll.

    I’m even sorry I took the time to respond.

    But since I did, a challenge: I DARE you to post a picture of yourself, and we’ll see what a specimen of manhood you are.


    usually a sign of someone who isn’t funny is to be negative to get their jokes. it’s easy to say shit about people, but it’s in no way clever. i don’t give a shit about emma stone, but reading this made be feel bad for this site. is this the best you have? was that supposed to be funny or are you just an angry guy will a small penis?