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Emma Stone Photoshoot of the Day

Emma Stone W Magazine Photoshoot 1

I am going to leave this hipster fashion shoot of Emma Stone up here for a while…because Emma Stone is a big deal in the nerd world…something I don’t fucking understand because she’s ugly.

I don’t know how a bitch has scammed the system so hard to be a goto, highly paid, multi million dollar actress…while consistently having that creepy fucking face that I think is offset by her creepy fucking mouth…and that creepy fucking lisp…that luckily for her creepy dudes everywhere fucking love and worship.

She’s a leader, an icon, a pinup, porn to them…and even when I see her in these kinds of shoots..I cannot get behind her as a celebrity…she’s more a fucking mid level manager at some run of the mill company to me…not even someone high powered working in some cool business…she looks like she does payroll at a fucking bathroom supply company….you know just as far removed from hollywood as possible…even if hollywood is really just on giant toilet…

You get what I’m saying and it’s “how is this bitch famous”…seriously.



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Emma Stone is Naked in her New Movie of the Day

Emma Stone Naked in new Movie The Favorite

Emma Stone is Naked in her New Movie
Emma Stone is Naked in her New Movie
Emma Stone is Naked in her New Movie
Emma Stone is Naked in her New Movie

You probably already knew this, because you are an Emma Stone fan, they’ve gotta be out there, they’ve gotta exist….even if I think that kind of FANDOM or STAN-DOM because I learned that the kids call it STAN when you’re a super fan because of the Eminem song I guess…

Well…Emma Stone’s mouth repulses me. Her Oscar was a lie. That Lala Land shit was the worst pile of shit to ever happen and she was zero compelling in it playing the fame whore cunt she once was….

Am I glad I get to see Emma Stone’s tits, sure, it distracts me from her face…but it is not exciting and should not be treated like it is by you fucking perverts.


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Emma Stone is Dog Shit in a Magazine of the Day

I don’t know if I’ve posted these pics of Emma Stone…I just know that I am not a fan of Emma Stone or her weird mouth and I am not a fan boy virgin loser who buys into everything they are fed by people marketing to the nerds…

I am not one of those bloggers who writes the captions or quotes of her interview that is contrived PR bullshit…because I don’t care what Emma Stone says, I am more into staring at her pics trying to understand how she’s the highest paid actress…that’s a fucking scam…

More interestingly….I was forced to watch LALA LAND and by default….I think people should be protesting her based on how bad she was, how bad that movie was, how bad she sang, how much hype it got, and the world collectively fake liked it….

She should be punished for participating in that garbage. I will not forgive her.

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Emma Stone Tits Fucking Justin Theroux of the Day

Emma Stone Tits Fucking Justin Theroux

Emma Stone is a very highly paid actress…something I will never understand because her face annoys the fuck out of me. Her mouth annoys the fuck out of me. She annoys the fuck out of me…and really she’s not even good in movies…I don’t know what created all the hype, or why people are into her, or what made her exist…even that Oscar she won was a full fucking scam. Her singing was shit, her dancing was shit, if I want to see some quirky nerdy girl doing song and dance, I don’t need it to be some huge hollywood budget, hyped up nonsense…with a WEAK story that for some reason people celebrated. Probably the “LAUGH TRACK” theory of tell people to laugh and they laugh, tell them it’s good and it’s good…

Either way, she’s a homewrecker, along with Oscar winner for a movie role that sucked, as all her movie roles suck, while she fumbles with her lines due to her mouth and it’s speech impediment…and she’s now fucking Jennifer Aniston’s ex, because I guess Jennifer Aniston has her own qualities about her that make people run from her, when we can collectively agree all female actors with success are cunts…

Cunts that have tits, and here’s her tits…

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Emma Stone on Set of the Day

Emma Stone isn’t cute…but she is the highest paid actress in the acting industry – thanks to the worst fucking movie every made…that for some reason people went to see like it was a thing…when really it should have been taken out back and shot….LALA LAND….and unfortunately – I was brought to the theatre to watch it…I misunderstood the girl who took me…and thought I was going to get my balls sucked in a movie, not a movie that sucked balls, but I blame dyslexia for that..

I guess she’s still working, despite having made 100 million dollars scamming last year, gotta keep on scamming this year, girls got bills to pay as she wins at life being average at best…

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Oh God…Emma Stone and Brie Larson Hugging Out Like Emotionally Unstable Cunts Passing off The Torch of the Day

Actors are such self involved cunts – who think what they do is so important – and who think winning an Oscar is some status symbol – because their heads are up their narcissistic asses, and this is the dream they are living, most undeserving of the dream they are living, but definitely annoying and overpaid in the dream they are living, because it takes a certain kind of narcissist, especially when not cute, to audition, perform and do the shit they do….but I don’t bye it, I can’t buy into it. It’s all so fucking bullshit, they are actors, lying to us…so Brie Larson passing the torch of Best Actress, to Emma Stone who isn’t the best actress but won best actress…is just so pretentious and silly…but it went viral as people want to believe in this Hollywood lie…

I just wish a bus drove through, or natural disaster happened at this moment of a lie….it’d make their lie of a friendship have a little more dramatic / action and adventure…instead it’s just emotionally unstable overpaid people…..who have no real identity for themselves, but who get lost in the characters they play…the worst…

This is so fucking bullshit, you know they are such egos and hate on each other, talk shit on each other, compete for jobs against each other, in their small exclusive bullshit club – but for the cameras let’s pretend we care….



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Dakota Fanning Crotch Shot, Hailee Steinfed Bra and Emma Stone Wet Lesbianism for W Magazine of the Day

Dakota Fanning Crotch Shot, Hailee Steinfed Bra and Emma Stone Wet Lesbianism for W Magazine

W Magazine got dirty….

Dakota Fanning crotch shot, if you look long enough you can see her uterus….

Hailee Steinfeld dick sucking a lipstick, like it was your cock, only twice the size you mini cock weirdo….

Or Emma Stone Wet Lesbianism…..

What the fuck is going on here…this is better than Playboy….





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Emma Stone in Some Old Lady Lingerie for Rolling Stone of the Day


Emma Stone and her weird face bore me, but I guess every celebrity bores me, I don’t think they are worthy of their success, I don’t think their impact on the world is worth celebrating, I do think they are overpaid and it’s all a fucking scam…because their talent is irrelevant…and dancing monkeys should be treated as such….just distractions on real issues…not to mention what they do with their celebrity is often times as offensive as their celebrity in the first place…puppets…just fucking puppets who call themselves artists and who rich business guys throw money at because they like being part of whatever this rich person scene is…the worst…

But people fucking love her….they go nuts for her…and seeing her in her grandmother’s vintage lingerie that may remind you of when your grandma would make you eat her out on family trips to visit her – because people have needs and your small hands fit nicely in her grandma cunt….turns them on….

They are like “omg she looks like she’s pregnant and she’s wearing NANNY’s nightgown”…and then they cum….all thanks to Rolling Stone and their vintage erotica fetish that I would argue, as an objective person who doesn’t find Emma Stone hot…isn’t hot at all…but it happened…..and really I’ve always said she’s got the sex appeal of a grandma – so long as you don’t have a grandma fetish….so this brings that point home…


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Emma Stone Irritates me but Not as Much Fallon of the Day

I accidentally watched this last night – because my neighbor has a digital antennae and wanted to show me that you don’t need those pesky cable bills to get network TV – like it was still the 50s-80s – when commercials financed the shit, before they realized they could charge monthly fees on top of commercials to finance the shit, and more interestingly product placement within the shows that are already being funded by commercials and monthly fees – because hollywood and entertainment is a scam…

Anyway, it was nice to see the fall of the traditional TV model, all the ads were pharma, and that means the only people watching are 90s, and I guess it made me happy knowing that the internet fucking won…even though these big companies are just as evil, just as crazy controlling, and just as capable of making sites like mine die…

BUT THAT’s ok….

So Emma Stone was on the show and after Fallon sucked her fucking dick so hard, like uncomfortable fan boy because he’s a annoying pansy with a show designed for social media – they played a childish school yard games people relate to because they are vapid and empty as he does – because that’s his whole angle and what people expect of him – and I figure there’s a fetish in here somewhere – as Emma Stone re-enacts baby Got back…with her weird mouth that I find disturbing – but not overly offensively disturbing…

Good times…

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73 Too Many Questions with Emma Stone of the Day

Solid butt shot…but her butt isn’t that exciting…and it doesn’t take away from her old looking face…all tired and lame….but more importantly…it doesn’t take away from the scripted, rehearsed, timed shit that isn’t even acted out well…it just so fucking fake, the humor or jokes so fucking tired…and the fact that people are into it, or passing it around or watching 73 Too Many Questions rehearsed by Emma Stone…blows my mind…

Do people hate honesty, or substance, how about 3 questions with Emma Stone that throw her off guard and show us some depth into who she is, the hollywood experience, anything but fluffy superficial clickbait nonsense…

It makes me mad…in a world where everyone is supposed to be over exposed, it’s like everything is actually just high school drama club caliber of scripted….practiced…and how many takes did they do this in…maybe it was just once…let’s hope it was I mean in terms of quality…I’d assume that it was…and even worse…this is all just to promote her new movie…LALALALALALAND..all jusst a fucking ad…

Maybe I’m just bitter than I wasn’t the one who said the worst thing about her…

I’m probably just bitter that I watched the entire thing…..

Like fuck off, the shit..irritating.

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