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Britney Spears Riding Scooters of the Day

There’s something very freeing and nice about watching this Britney Spears showing off her mental capacity off to the world…you know half retarded thanks to years of medication used to tame her in order to make her family and associates more money than God…just riding her scooter around the street like the handicapped kid you probably tried to have sex with at least once because you know they would never tell on you, that you were doing them a favor, and that they couldn’t run away from you because you took them out of their wheelchair…

It’s like seeing handicapped kids in the park, filled with extreme joy hitting two rocks together…only the washed up popstar version..

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  • Guido

    Thought it was Beiber at first!

  • Rosarch

    My mother teaches kids like her, Special Ed.