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Ashley Tisdale Wedding Pics of the Day

Ashley Tisdale got married…I guess miracles do happen for ugly girls as long as they are rich, Jewish and not fat, because as it turns out, even the ugliest of Jewish girls finds herself a husband, because Jewish guys feel obligated to procreate with Jeiwsh girls, it is a cultural thing.

On the books, she’s 30, which is the general expiration date for most girls, you know the age they want to settle and start a family…so I guess it was time.

I just want to say that doesn’t mean the Ashley Tisdale Ugly Watch, something I started up years ago won’t continue, but I guess she’s barely on the map now, and the fact that some dude swept her up and made an honest woman out of her, means ugly, overrated or not…she just doesn’t matter anymore, at least not until the divorce when she goes on her divorcee ramapage….they all do…and more importantly…they all get divorced…

Here are some of her wedding dress pics for you to jerk off to because wives are your fetish as long as they aren’t your wife – in which case they are the fucking worst.

This isn’t porn, unless you stare at Vanessa Hudgens long enough to realize that the Bridesmaids at all weddings are the fun ones.

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