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Ashley Tisdale Honeymoon Bikini Pic of the Day

Ashley Tisdale brings hope to girls everywhere, that as long as you are rich, famous, and have dudes everywhere wanting to be up inside you…even if you had botched plastic surgery, you career is dull, and you’re not as cute as you’re marketed to be…coupled with being Jewish enough to find a quality Jewish man who needs a Jewish girl to make him babies that are Jewish too, instead of those ghetto money grubbing converts, you can live happily ever too…and post honeymoon pics of yourself in a bikini…all wholesome at least in comparison to all the trash that is going on…

For some reason, I think there’s some level of merit in this. I mean Ashley Tisdale could just as easily posted pics of her spread asshole crying for attention, but she’s keeping things G Rated, and in a world full of smut, the G rated stuff is starting to become pornographic, appealing and sexy, like happily “just” married and starting a family like a good girl bikini pic, is replacing the single, sex crazed, half naked at the pool party crying for likes because I am an instagram selfie….

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