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Amber Heard Has the Best Picture of the Day

There are a ton of pictures of Amber Heard circulating topless. But this one makes me laugh the most. I don’t need tits to get off, I actually can’t really get off to tits, because I am not 12. Plus I can’t imagine her getting her Lawyers on me for posting this pic of the bunch. I mean…it is the clothed one…and it just makes me laugh, because it is hard to deny the authenticity of the pics, with her clever little sign, that took some effort, trying to makeher man happy on set, you know since she knows how Johnny Depp works on set, it’s kind of how she homewrecked his home…hard to feel sorry for her…

She’s not new to the whole using her sexuality to get ahead, for a while she was a lesbian, back before home wrecking, and I guess now that she’s won and her relationship is legitimate, so now people feel bad for her, when they should celebrate her because she’s hot as hell…especially seeing how her seduces her man in a way you wish her or anyone would never take the effort to to for you…. cute signs is new spread ass….

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