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Ashley Tisdale’s Yoga Pose of the Day

Recently married Ashley Tisdale, the face that gives girls hope that if they manage to figure out how to be a hollywood starlet with a lot of money, they too will find love despite their possible flaws that may or may not throw off a man…or more importantly that they are insecure about…

Not that any girl should really care about her face in this era, because really it’s all about how good your ass looks, what your hip to waist ratio is, and even your tits, and what angles you take of yourself on your social media. As long as you can fake it, with fake hair, make-up and all that other bullshit, all while putting out good, you’re perfect.

It’s like a pretty face once mattered, maybe, but not anymore, because you don’t fuck the face, and when you do, you’re more into the strain and pain and discomfort in her eyes, and not whether she’s got a wonky fucking nose, you don’t jerk off to the face, you save that for jerking off on, after you go for the close up butthole shot, and really a face doesn’t even need to exist…as long as you’re not mutated or a freak, you’re good.

I mean, I think this Yoga Post, a popular instagram trend, proves that….science…

To see pics of her at the grocery store CLICK HERE

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