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Ashley Greene is Not Hot for Women’s Health of the Day

Ashley Greene is the fucking worst. I’ve heard all kinds of horror stories about this girl and her Florida trash moved to LA positioning. I don’t really care about how she got onto Twilight or who she’s fucked along the way, I just find it annoying that after publicly breaking up relationships like some young harlot, she turned to the Jonas Brothers who at the time were pretending they were virgins, and started campaigning for “Promise Rings” and virginity…all while not being that hot, or even believable, cuz anyone with a brain would have seen right through her and noticed the cum dripping down her leg from earlier that day..

The good news is that Fame is fleeting, and this bitch isn’t talent and doesn’t matter. She just barely knows how to strategically move and this Women’s Health video is shit…but you’ll probably like it because Twilight changed you fucking life, especially when you bought into her virginity – seeing as you were/are a virgin too….

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