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Jessica Alba Working Out of the Day

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This is what mom Jessica Alba looks like when she’s working out for instagram, something girls like to do on instagram, when they are not posting pics of silly photoshoots they’ve set up strictly for their instagram, because instagram modeling is real…especially when you have the billion dollar HONEST brand to promote, because it is going to make you over 400,000,000 dollars when you’re done with it – in the next few months…making her already hot, especially for a mom of 2 body, even hotter if you think you have any possible way of breaking up her already broken marriage, that she’ll never let die because it’s a very integral part of her marketing campaign behind her billion dollar company, it’s probably part of the contract the investors lined up for her when she signed onto this cash grab, and for 400,000,000 dollars, you’d probably lie to the world too..I mean hell, I lie to everyone for free….

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