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Ashley GREENE on the Beach of the Day

I know at least three people who have met Ashley Greene in various capacities and they all say she’s the fucking worst. I mean I’ve always thought she was overrated Florida trash that just positioned herself properly and got herself into the right shows with the right boyfrineds, making her enough money to no longer be Florida Trash, but to remain trash….so I never really gave a fuck about her, or even thought she was hot…but according to the people I know, she thinks she’s fucking hot, and she’s a bitch about it, to pretty much everyone, and apparently…she was never a virgin when she pretended to be when dating the Jonas Brother…something I was amazed people fell for, when you could see in her eyes that she probably lost her virginity at the trailer park to a relative…

All this to say, she’s on the beach grabbing some dudes ass…and not in a bikini…because she looks dumpy and I guess realizes that bikinis aren’t good on your fat days…when you have an image of sexy to bullshit the world with. Not that anyone actually cares.

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