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Gigi Hadid for Rolling Stone of the Day

Gigi Hadid is a massive supermodel now that her father has used some of his billions of dollars and some of his billionaire friends….to hook up his little baby that feeds his ego……He is already a reality TV whore with his wife…making me think they wish they were the Kardashians, and I guess this is their mechanism to whore out their daughter….to have the same level of fame as their other rich LA neighbors…it’s a little classier…but it’s a vapid waste of resources that could easily be applied to something that changes the world…but I guess in ways topless in Rolling Stone changes lives…I just don’t know what those ways are…

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  • Matt

    You’re writing is killing it lately. Hilarious.

  • Rosarch

    This bitch and Cara Delevigne are a fucking joke and embarrassment.

  • BillyGrahmCracker

    So……..she’s in a bathroom, covering her tits. Gigi…..you got deformed
    tits or something……movie your fucking hands for ONCE