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Krysten Ritter for Ocean Drive Magazine of the Day

I still don’t know who Krysten Ritter is, I just know that she’s one of those obscure actresses who pops up on random fan boards, and in the paparazzi, who has a totally engaged audience, who would go to the trouble of starting her own fan board….like she was in Twilight, or something equally engaging for people who have no friends and are into any accessible looking chick, because well, she’s accessible…and gives them hope of a better, less lonely tomorrow.

I guess I could google her, but her bird face makes me not care….

Instead I will just post pics of her in Ocean Drive, probably looking better than she’s ever looked, but she’s still some grey area acrtress in her 30s, which as far as I’m concerned is a decade too old for anyone to be putting her in magazines, there are younger versions of her who can do the job better, but here are the pics anyway.

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