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Toni Garrn Does GQ Magazine of the Day

Toni Garrn is probably best known as being one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s hookers, who aren’t hookers, but who might as well be hookers, since modeling and hooking are essentially the same fucking job, not to mention, when involved with Leonardo like so many models before her, you know she’s just on a job, part of the program…but I’m sure on her end of the story, they had a connection, they were in love, and she was not going to discriminate him for being Leo, she wanted to give him a shot while knowing his sorted past…that’s how sugar babies rationalize what they do…I mean that and “I would have fucked him for free, but I might as well get paid”…hooker.

That said, she was at the same parties as me in Miami, I didn’t notice her, or see her, but I am sure she’s lovely, and amazing…I mean she’s a tall German model who looks like this, how could she not be amazing…just a little misguided…and forced into this life…filled with broken dreams and the sads as Leo leaves club with 20 girls…who weren’t Toni Garrn….

Either way, all these people are fucking excessive and disgusting overpaid idiots in the dumbest circle ever…fuck them all…and let me watch.

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