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Ashley Tisdale in Leather Pants of the DAy

I just saw a video that I am not going to link…of Dogs being used in Asian factories as leather that they make all your North American shoots, boots, belts, gloves, wallets and fetish gear from, because I guess dogs are cheaper than cows…and dogs are man’s best friend so it made me very fucking upset…so looking at Ashley Tisdale and her broken down face…I can’t help but wonder if her leather pants are a stray dog…but more importantly, I can’t help but wonder just how hot it was in the studio, and how balmy she got in her unbreathable fabric, and how ripe her recently married, possibly pregnant, because why else would you get married, unless it was for fear of being alone, due to a botched face, which I doubt it was,, because she’s clearly got an ego and thinks she is hotter than she is, otherwise she wouldn’t be posing in magazines…pussy is…

That’s all I have to say about that.

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  • Bron

    I’m sure it’s hot ‘n wet like a plum in syrup. She could be the dog’s best friend, if you know what I mean. About the right size