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Top 100 Boxes on Boxing Day of the Day

I get called a horrible human being or a creep or a misogynist pretty much every single day. People think I expose and objectify women, when really I think I just expose and objectify women who have decided they want to be objects, and if anything I just call them out on their morally void, hooker-like morals and values, and think they are overpaid assholes when there are far more beautiful girls out there who deserve the same celebration….

The truth is that I am a lover of women. I think they are entertaining, fun, sexy, and good to have sex with…and I love celebrating them and their vaginas…while imagining them riding my face and cumming thanks to my mouth…

Some men are breast men, some ass men, I am a pussy man…I love all pussy…I love celebrating all pussy…I like the weird ones, I especially like the hairy ones, I like the meaty ones, and I like my face and fingers in all of them…as long as they don’t smell.

In a lot of ways, I am a feminist…expose your lips, celebrate your pussies, let me masturbate to it…and that is why today, on Boxing day,, the day we named after box, now that Christmas is over, baby Jesus and shopping deals aside, the real star of today, and really everyday…is the box…so here’s 100 of them…big and small…VIA GENITALSANXIETY.TUMBLR.COM because you don’t need to be nervous girl…all pussy are great pussy…don’t be insecure about it…instead just send me pics of it…so I can sext you and make you cum…I’m a hero like that.

Sure these are not necessarily the best in box, but as someone who loves all box, and truly believes they are all god’s box…created equally even if they look different…their own snowflake with it’s curves and lips…but still a snowflake…but they are still box…and box is something we love…especially on boxing day..it’s not all about the bass…but it is all about the labia…embrace the labia….with your mouth…

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  • garry grant

    maybe im starting to have second thoughts about cock but watching 100 closeup of vaginas isnt as hot as seeing 100 pairs of tits or ass cheeks.
    some of those cunts were scary looking and I can understand some young confused young man seeing one for the first time and it looks like something out of Alien and him saying to himself “You know what? Sucking a dick doenst sound half as bad as seeing this thing up close.”

    I blame male homosexuality on scary vaginas.

  • Danny G.

    Sheer Heaven! I’d like to lock lips with all of them and French kiss them!