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Alessandra Ambrosio in Bikinis for Ocean Drive of the Day

Based on logic…Alessandra Ambrosio has too many kids to be in a bikini…but science, or more importantly commerce has made it okay for her to strip the fuck down, because she’s got million dollar contracts to be in a bikini, and despite her catholic, can’t use birth control logic, won’t let that stop her or retire her or throw her on the back burner..but what fascinates me in all this is why they still use the over 30 models, is the market who cares or buys these products against a new generation of girls because young girls make them feel old, and are not relatable, alienating them from buying their product, even though these kinds of woman are hot that even girls younger than them can’t really relate to them when they see them in ads…or did Victoria’s Secret get a long term discount, like a cellphone company when buying these women from their Brazilian pimps, you know take her for 20 years, for 1,000,000, 10 years, 900,000, 5 year, 500,000, hustle…

Not that this has anything to do with the economics or marketing budgets of Victoria’s Secret, this is editorial, but I guess when you’re only real job has been Victoria’s Secret…everything she does goes back to that…who cares.

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