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Olivia Munn in a Tight Dress of the Day


Olivia Munn is another one of these LA scam artists, who moved to LA, landed some low paid, low level job on a show that didn’t ever really matter, on a cable channel that doesn’t even exist anymore, but that was good enough exposure for her to get a fan base…thanks to talking about nerdy things…because nerds love girls who talk about nerdy things…and nerd find girls who talk about nerdy things hotter than they are…all because they seem down with nerdy things…it’s a huge cock tease scam, that clearly works because she’s now landing acting roles, she gets invited to all the key events…and she’s on the cover of magazines I’ve never heard of – but still on the cover of magazines…when really she should still be an assistant somewhere in Hollywood trying to get her break…

ALl this to say, if you have tits, start a youtube channel on videogames and other nerd shit, because nerds are loyals…even when these hoes aren’t..

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