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Kylie Jenner Instagram Bikini Pics of the Day


Kylie Jenner is up on some Amber Rose kick, which I guess is up on some Kim Kardashian kick, you know being the hip hop groupie who looks like this obscure waist to hip ratio, even cartoony waist to hip ratio, that she takes selfies of and exploits on the internet, because at 17, she’s been around this world forever, and knows how it works, and really where’s the harm in posting bikini pics, especially when you’ve got a body like this…a body that in time will turn into some dumpy pile of shit, because there are just too many moving parts with her young, fast, daughter of an Athlete turned Woman, parts…

But the good news, as her sister before taught her, there’s always angles and surgeries to make you look like plastic Miami trash back-up dancers for music videos…stars of sex tapes getting railed by huge black cock…

I’m into it…and so are you..

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  • Phillip McCracken

    is that 3rd pic her with her brother in law disick taking a selfie? does that dude EVER hang out with his wife and kid? all it seems he does it go to bars and strip clubs and hang out with Kendall and Kylie.

  • Don

    She’s obviously had a ton of plastic surgery already. Clearly liposuction on her stomach and waist

  • Jason

    She quit school to work on her “brand”. The world needs another brainless set of tits and ass.