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Josephine Skriver for Juicy of the Day


Josephine Skriver is a model…who I guess did some work for Victoria’s Secret and who is now doing work for Juicy Couture…a brand that is probably made in the Victoria’s Secret Asian Sweatshops since that is how these mall brands do things…and if you’ve ever been to a mall, and I have, it’s the best place to scope out hot, young, angsty teensin short shorts and crop tops…

Well…her back story is that this Josephine Skriver is from Denmark, she was designed by science…her mom a lesbian and her dad a gay marine Biolgist…and apparently…she was one of his science experiments that went right…some create our own perfect and amazing creature as our own….that merges two groups that hate either other…Gay Men..and Lesbians…because while fighting for the same equal rights…gays hate pussy, lesbians hate dick, and they are so far removed from each other…those friendships never work…..and makes the world think gays and lesbians can parent….because they actually want the kids unlike white trash who do it for the unaffordable abortions..

All this to say, She’s probably amazing in bed from all the weird gay and lesbian shit she was exposed to growing up…and I don’t just mean being well dressed….

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