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stepGIRLS vs Creepstreet by Vongsawat “Champagne Showers” of the Day

Creep Street x StepGIRLS presents: CHAMPAGNE SHOWERS! from Creep Street on Vimeo.

This is pretty awesome…stepGIRLS vs Creepstreet vs Vongsawat “champagne showers”….

Some videos just don’t really need a beginning middle and end, that story shit just gets in the way of what matters, which is a couple of babes getting hosed down by a couple perverts with Champagne…

We can assume that the feminists will love this and see it for what it is…just some confident girls who love champagne so much they want to bathe in it….because it is all fancy…so they want to bathe in it…

But feminists ruin everything and will see past the love, fun and magic that this is…because we just like having fun…

So the perverts are @creepstreet and CANNON SHOW @step_girls …all while @cvongsawat documented it…

The babes are: @theminadoll
Here are the pics:

Via chrisvongsawat.com

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