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Amber Heard for Elle Magazine of the Day

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If you want to see a homewrecker in a magazine being boring – here’s Amber Heard….

Everyone likes to point the finger at her for being a young harlot, trying to lure in fantasy man Johnny Depp so that she could be by his side into his 60s and 70s, every woman’s dream, I think I read Kate Moss wanted that but got the fuck out when motherfucker turned 30 and was old news…because actors are little bitches, and listening them complain about prostate issues and all the other ailments…is just fucking awesome for a girl who makes her own money and needs none of that shit…

Like all predator situations, it is more likely that creepy old man Depp, who always cheated on his French baby momma, fell for AMber Heard, because he could smell her youth…and the producers she fucked to get to where she was, starring next to him…and like a predator thanks to his Testosterone shots and viagra, he attacked…and she made him make an honest woman out of her…otherwise she’d have none of that cheating shit…

Not that I like to analyze relationships of these idiots, it’s just that these pics of her are so fucking boring that I am reminded she’s no longer the bisexual attention seeker, but a wife…and as we all know..wife’s suck..usually pretty well..because they want anything but their husband inside them…True story….don’t believe me? Just ask your wife.

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  • Aster Vermillion

    Remember when he looked like this? ????????