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Margot Robbie Fitness Program of the Day

Margot Robbie has gotten fat, because I guess fat is the new skinny, and America is fat and like Rebel Wilson before her she’s trying to blend in as the tourist that she is….or maybe it has something tot do with her ice cream breaks for the paparazzi that are both erotic, look at that mouth, and sad…look at that ass.]

That’s really all I have to say about this, I mean other than it is ice cream weather, so if you want to feel like a creeper go to your local dairy queen and watch the girls go at their soft serve like they were Margot Robbie, and try not to imagine they were doing that to a dick…it will be hard…and hopefully you won’t, because you’ll end up arrested and as much as I want perverts off the street, I need you here clicking my ads…I got beer to drink…as I cater to your creepy with the help of Margot Robbie types who know exactly what they are doing with their mouths…that’s how they got in this job in the first place..

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