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Greer Grammer & Jillian Rose Reed in Bikinis of the Day


This is Kelsey Grammer’s daughter…her name is Greer. She’s got 6 or 7 siblings…because her dad, Frasier, is a notorious coked up sex addict actor who has been in jail at least once for the shit…all while she was being brought up in Malibu with her make-up artist mother…possibly estranged with her dad, but probably not, I mean he seems like a lot of fun….

Well, like all celebrity kids, trying to either maximize their opportunity, or make easy money, or barely work and pretend they work, while kickin’ it most of the time, she’s decided to become and actor and she’s in some show called Awkward, but you’re probably more interested in her being in a bikini all while hanging out with some Florida chick named Jillian Rose Reed who she’s also on the MTV show….but you’re probably more interested is what diet she’s on to allow her to not be in a bikini…

Unlike all celebrity kids…she’s actually got to school and trained in theater, even though acting is a joke…so at least that happened…it shows a little more intelligence than most…and by intelligence I mean tits…look at her tits…she’s got good tits…

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