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Hannah Davis is Derek Jeter’s Wife for GQ of the DAy


Hannah Davis has unprotected sex with a retired baseball star who has had unprotected sex with everyone from Paris Hilton..to really that’s enough to know you shouldn’t have unprotected sex with him…unless you’re a low level model and a little herpes isn’t that big of a deal…not a big enough deal to let get in the way of your gold digging….since being a Sports Illustrated model doesn’t pay the bills or get you work, but it does increase your stock price and it does put you at sports related events so that you can bed and athlete and hopefully get knocked up…

Good strategy..because as an Athlete wife who can pretend to be a model..more jobs come in..and it all works out in the end….making Sports Illustrated like a madame…selling girls off to rich guys…interesting…but not really.

I don’t find Hannah Davis all that interesting, overrated, boring, average looking, but people care because rich famous dudes fuck her…like GQ…GQ cares…

Here she is playing some tennis

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