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Christina Milian Gets Her Asshole Waxed of the Day


In shows you don’t care exist, and by shows I mean whore, Christina Milian’s got a reality show, like a bootleg Kardashian, that I assume no one watches…and in having a reality show, she did the most basic of activities to try to be funny, interesting, real, compelling, sexy, interesting, when having no real vision…and that’s getting her asshole waxed.

It seems like it’s been done before, probably by a Kardashian, because they are hairy and shameless…so it seems uninspired and stupid to me…even if she lets her sister take a shot at waxing her asshole…making things a little more intimate and fetish oriented for hairless asshole fetishists out there…

She’s rich already, she had a hit song and video in the 90s, she was slutty in that video…and it took her to becoming a rich guy’s baby momma…where she wrote songs for pop stars…making her more money…she is the back-up host on a huge show, The Voice…yet no one cares about her…which is about the level of caring she has for her kid, since as a mom who is always in a bikini or partying in Vegas…

Either way, I don’t approve of Christina Milian or her aggresive “make me famous and relevant”..by doing everything she can slutty or not…It’s tacky and boring especially when she’s already rich…just shut the fuck up…

Here are screenshots…what the fuck is this bottleg budget Kardashian bullshit…gor she’s annoying…

Here she is in a bikini – because she’s trying hard to be noticed…


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  • Missskitttin

    I call shenanigans on that ass. There is something not clear in that milk.

  • AngellStreet

    Yes, something definitely muddy about her b hole.

  • Snickers

    Who is she lol