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Mel B – Scary Spice – Picture of the Day


Mel B, probably best known as scary spice, probably best remembered as the Spice Girl in the green tank top in their first video with great tits and hard nipples, has done so much in the last 20 years, from paternity tests with Eddie Murphey to bikinis, so many bikinis, showing off that Black Don’t Crack…..but it does smoke crack, and apparently, also show off the tits I expected to be less Momma Africa and more fake…because I forget that 20 years and multiple babies have happened to this woman…a woman we’d all still K-Fed, provided she’s not done with menopause….but unlike most girls in menopause..her boxy body is a big fat ass…and I like burying my face in it, not because I love 45 year old women, but I’m starting to think they are less annoying that 26 year old women – since they have their babies shat out and are busy with raising those parasites – so that you only hear from them once every two weeks when they are with the day, but in Mel B’s case, never, since her baby daddy’s don’t claim responsibility…

Not that Mel B would fuck you, but I’m using her to represent all over 40 washed up mom’s in bikinis at the resort you don’t want to really fuck, but should want to fuck, because less bullshit..or work…they know they peaked long ago and put in the effort to make up for where they’ve failed themselves..

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