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Iggy Azalea for “Legend Magazine” of the Day


Iggy Azalea is in some magazine called LEGEND magazine that we can assume she invented or financed with the money she didn’t pay the IRS, you know typical immigrant using the system to get ahead but not contributing to the system, despite having her work permits in place…just a typical immigrant lack of respect…send her back to Mexico….or Africa…or wherever it is this trash is from…..

She’s a fucking phony, a fake, a pile of garbage no one actually cares about, but who hit at the right time thanks to hip hop music and strategic fucking. Her story of being a street rapper, or stripper is such a fucking lie…she’s a suburban white girl and people should laugh at her clearly fake urban accent…

She’s AUSTRALIA…and if she doesn’t have an Australian voice…she’s putting on an act…and act that would include starting a magazine called Legend- just to put herself on the cover of in panties…showing a photoshopped fat ass…because Americans are idiots and if a hashtag #legend is next to a slut, maybe people will assume she’s a legend by association. Basic subliminal marketing..

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